Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Kingdom of God is at Hand

In our last post I talked about everything, both evil and good coming to maturity in 2012. I would like now to give you a bit of context for why I believe that next year will be the year for that truth becoming a reality. Go back with me to the year 1995. It was during this year that something very "strange" began happening to me. For some odd reason, I began to see the numbers 1111(eleven, eleven) everywhere! I know that may sound a little weird, but please  keep on reading. I saw 1111 on digital clocks, car tags, street signs, phone numbers, etc. After a few weeks, I began to pray about what this might mean. Keep in mind, this kind of thing had never happened to me before. I first went to the Bible to try and find some meaning for these numbers(1111). I looked up the 11th book of the Bible, the 11th chapter and the 11th verse! I then made a search of every 11th chapter and every 11th verse! But nothing seemed to fit. This search went on for two years, looking everywhere for an answer until finally, frustrated, I said, "Lord I give up. If there is something to this, You will have to reveal it." So I left it alone, although I kept on seeing 1111!

Fast forward to August 1997. A friend of mine had suggested that we go to Kansas City Missouri for a conference that was to be held in the civic center. It just so happened that I was half way through a 40 day fast that several people in our church had been on. As the time drew near for the conference, I was not really wanting to go, but I felt like that my friend was supposed to be there. So off we went to Kansas City. It was a really good conference. John Arnott, Rick Joyner, Paul Cain and others were the speakers. On the last day of the conference, as the speaker was winding things down, he paused and from out of nowhere said, "how many of you have been seeing a lot of 1111s lately." You could have knocked me over with a feather! Out of 5 or 6 thousand people, around 300 raised their hands, mine included! I could hardly wait for him to finish so I could ask him if he knew what 1111 might mean. When he concluded, before I could get to him, there was a line of about 500 people waiting to talk to him.And I had a flight to catch. However, out of everyone who spoke at the conference, only his wife was introduced and she was sitting up front. I immediately sought her out and asked her if she knew what 1111 meant? She asked me what comes after 11? I said 12. She said that 11 is the number of man; it is the number of incompleteness. But 12 is the number of Gods Kingdom, His authority and power. She further said that 11 was soon to become 12! I had my answer, but I still not not fully know what it meant...until recently. What God showed me back in 1995 with the 1111s, and what He spoke to me at the conference in KC through the speaker's wife is NOW upon us. This prophetic word has come to maturity. The time of its fulfillment is NOW! As 2011 gives way to 2012, we will move from what man can do to what God can do. We will go from the "Church Age" to the "Kingdom Age." Another word for maturity is completeness. In 2012, what has been incomplete will begin to be completed. 2012 will be the year of God, the year of Kingdom power, Divine authority, and Divine government. Once again, there is much more to share with you about what this will mean in a practical way, but that will come in later blogs. For now, please allow me to encourage you to believe the prophetic word of the Lord. Let this word encourage you and inspire you to surrender completely to the Lord and walk with Him in obedience. In this way, you will be allowing him to prepare you to be a "vessel of honor" that can steward His kingdom power that is to be poured out in 2012. Be encouraged friends, the clock of time is about to go from 11 to 12! The Kingdom of God is at hand!