Monday, September 15, 2014


 I felt the need to post this prophetic  word from October 5, 2009. What was prophesied about the shakeup in the House of Representatives has already happened. It happened in 2010. 

October 5, 2009 (Warrior Assembly of God, Warrior, Alabama)


At our men’s prayer meeting on October 5, 2009, the Holy Spirit gave us a very definite word concerning the city of San Francisco, California. The meeting began with the Spirit telling us that He was soon to act in a very significant way in the earth. A brother present then said that he saw himself looking across the Golden Gate Bridge, not really knowing what that meant. I then remembered what my wife had told me that she had seen on Sunday morning during worship. She said that she saw an angel flying through the sky releasing fire. Immediately, having related that to the men, I saw an angel standing at the Golden Gate Bridge with a drawn sword. I knew that this meant judgment!

 The word that the Lord spoke to me next is direct and may not be received by very many, even those in the Body of Christ. However, I must speak it nonetheless. I saw a cup, and it was almost full. I knew in the spirit that this was the cup of iniquity in the city of San Francisco. The Spirit said that the cup of iniquity is almost full in this city and judgment is soon to come. This judgment is necessary, because the evil in this city is like a cancer on America, and it must be removed. San Francisco is a portal, and through it every kind of foul, demonic spirit is being released into our country. Consequently, this

evil must be excised. I know that there are many more cities which are extremely wicked, but San Francisco is where judgment will begin.

 How will this judgment come? I don’t know exactly, but I did see fire rising up from the ground. Will it be some sort of terrorist attack, or will it be a colossal earthquake? I am not sure, but I have the sense that it will be an earthquake. However it may come, the Spirit impressed upon me that this judgment would be very, very decisive and destructive. To put it in simple terms, the judgment coming to San Francisco is going to be bad, really bad, and will include a lot of collateral damage. I’ll say more about that a bit later.

I then saw Nancy Pelosi, who is a House Member representing the city of San Francisco in Washington. She also is the Speaker of the House, meaning that she has been entrusted with a great deal of authority. In this vision or spiritual impression, Speaker Pelosi was walking away from me, yet looking back. Her face was grim. The whole scene began to shake, including Speaker Pelosi. It was evident that the Lord was saying that not only will San Francisco be shaken but that there would also be a shakeup of power in the House of Representatives. You can draw your own conclusions as to all that may mean. At that point, we felt impressed to pray for the will of God to be done concerning Speaker Pelosi.

After the Spirit revealed His heart to us concerning this coming judgment, we then felt impressed to intercede.  Listed below is how the Spirit led our intercession:


 1. Intercession that God would awaken and speak to the believers in that city to be delivered from the coming judgment. Even as Abraham interceded concerning Sodom and Gomorrah, the Lord sent an angel to lead Lot and his family out of that place. So likewise, may angels be sent to deliver the believers in San Francisco.

2.  Secondly we interceded, that in judgment God would remember mercy--the very thing He is eager to do.  We prayed that the collateral damage would be minimized as much as is possible.

3. Third, our intercession led us to pray that after this judgment has come, the Christian leaders who will be given a platform to speak will not acquiesce and be passive and misleading as to what has occurred. We prayed that they would have the courage to speak the truth in love. What is going to happen in San Francisco will be unequivocally the judgment of God and it must not be explained otherwise. To do so will only bring more judgment on our country.

4. Fourth, we then prayed that the result of this judgment will be repentance. Our prayer is, like that of an aftershock from an earthquake, repentance will reverberate from West to East and South to North. And by this repentance America will be turned back to God. Truly this could be the impetus for the Third Great Awakening in this country! This intercession, we believe, is crucial. If America refuses to genuinely repent and turn back to God, then there will be another judgment, and another and another, until we repent!


 What will happen in the city of San Francisco will not be by the hand of man. It will be the hand of God. This judgment is absolutely necessary or it would not happen. God does not delight in the death of the wicked, He never has. But in order for Him to fulfill His will in America, judgment must come. God loves this country, and He is not finished with her yet. It’s not "God damn America" as some Chicago preacher has said, rather it is God bless America. Yet, this blessing cannot come without judgment.

I ask you to join me in the spirit of intercession listed above. Although God’s judgment will come, it can result in our country turning back to God if we will pray. What is at stake is the future of this great country. America will not be saved by the hands of politicians; it is too late for that. Our future and the future of our children and grandchildren will be determined by the faithfulness of a praying church. So I ask you dear watchmen, please take your place on the wall and let’s intercede according to God’s will. If we pray, we will be victorious.