Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revelation 12:1-6/ The Abomination of Desolation

In Revelation 12:1-6, there are three significant symbols . The first symbol is in v.1 "A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve (12) stars on her head." This woman is obviously the nation of Israel (See Genesis 37:9-11). The second symbol is in v.2 "She (the woman/Israel) was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth (pregnant with "the Seed of woman or with the first prophecy in the Bible, Genesis 3:15). This refers to Jesus Christ "...the male child who will rule all nations with an iron scepter..." The third symbol is found in v.3. "Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its head." This is Satan, the serpent in Genesis 3. Verses 4&5 reveal that the serpent tried to kill the male child(Jesus) before He could fulfill His mission. But Satan failed. Jesus laid down His life on the cross for the sins of mankind; He was raised from the dead, conquering death, hell and the grave for man; and then He ascended back into the glory of Heaven from the Mount of Olives(Acts 1:9-11).

This brings us to verse 6: "The woman(the nation of Israel) fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she will be taken care of for 1,260 days. It is this prophetic scripture concerning the woman(Israel) and the red dragon(Satan), at the time of the end, that we will focus on now as to how it pertains to "the Abomination of Desolation" (the 1,260 days). Let's begin with the seven-headed dragon with the seven crowns and ten horns on its head. The seven heads with the seven crowns represent the seven world empires through whom Satan has worked and will work in his attempt to destroy the woman(Israel). The first six of these empires have already come and gone. They are in order, 1. Egypt, 2. Assyria, 3. Babylon, 4. Medo-Persia, 5. Greece, and 6. Rome. Satan used each of these empires in his attempt to destroy the Jews. That is both Biblical and historical fact. That leaves one more head of the dragon, one more empire that the devil will work through in his attempt to annihilate the Jews. This will be the empire of the Antichrist, the man of sin and lawlessness. Satan will work through him to form the last world empire in his attempt to defeat God and His plan. Revelation 17:12 says that "The ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast." Every time the word "beast" is used in the Book of the Revelation it refers to the Antichrist. The only exception is when it refers to the false prophet. This is so the believer will know that the false prophet, in spite of his deception, is also of the Antichrist. Verse 13 says "They( the ten kings) have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast(Antichrist). The "one hour" of v.12 refers to a short period of time, likely just a few years.

Now back to the 1,260 days of v.6. This time period is also referred to as 42 months ( Revelation 11:2) and three and one half years (Daniel7:25). God is making it clear that this time period is a literal time period and is not to be spiritualized! The 1,260 days is also "the great tribulation period." It is the last 3 1/2 years of the final seven years of this present age that will give way to the Millennial reign of Christ. It will be Satan's final attempt to annihilate Israel and defeat God. Listen to how Jeremiah describes it in Jeremiah 30:7 "How awful that day will be. No other will be like it. It will be the time of Jacobs/Israels trouble, but he will be saved out of it." Daniel 12:1-2 defines the 1260 days this way, "At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people(Israel) will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then . But at that time your people(Israel), everyone found written in the book will be delivered." And Jesus spoke of the 1,260 days in Matthew 24:15 "So when you see standing in the holy place 'the abomination of desolation' spoken of by Daniel the prophet let the reader understand." ( See Daniel 9:27) Jesus also said this about this time period in Matthew 24:21 For then (during the 1260 days; the last three and one half years of the Great Tribulation) there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now and never will be equaled again." In the middle of the seven year peace treaty made by the Antichrist with Israel, he will put an end to sacrifice and offering, and at the Temple(the rebuilt Jewish temple) he will set up the 'abomination of desolation' until the end that is decreed is poured out on him. He will declare himself to be God and will demand to be worshipped!

God spoke through Jeremiah, Daniel and His Son to tell us that Satan's final attempt to annihilate the Jews and defeat God will be the most horrific 1,260 days ever known on the earth! This means that Israel's most difficult days are not the holocaust but instead will be the suffering that is yet to come--the "time of Jacob's trouble"-the Great Tribulation-the time that begins with the 'abomination of desolation' at the hands of the Antichrist when he declares himself to be God and so breaks his seven year covenant with the Jews!

However, it will be at the conclusion of these days that the remnant of Jews will be saved as they turn their hearts to Jesus as their Messiah(Romans 11:25-27). Listen to these amazing words in Zechariah 12:10 "I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication. They (the Jews) will look on me, the One they have pierced, and they will mourn for Him(Jesus) as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for Him as one who grieves for a first born son."

Let me conclude today with these thoughts. Iran is developing a nuclear weapon and it is pointed at Israel; the Arab uprising in the Middle East is uniting all of Islam against Israel; the foundational peace agreement signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979 was broken just recently when for the first time in 30 years Israel's embassy in Egypt was attacked; just a couple of weeks ago Turkey--the long time "friend" of Israel expelled Israel's ambassador and cut off trade over the flotilla incident that happened in the waters off of Gaza just a little over a year ago; and just last week the Palestinians applied for statehood at the United Nations--a statehood that is to be had at Israel's expense! What am I saying? I am saying that the "time of Jacob's/Israel's trouble" may be closer than we think! So what are we to do? We as the Church are to love, support and pray for Israel. Now is the time for the Last Day Church to allow God to prepare them to be the "Corrie Ten Boom," "the Hiding Place" "the place prepared in the wilderness" by God to take care of Israel when they need us; to take care of "the least of these"(Matthew 25) when the worst antisemitism that has ever been is launched by the Antichrist when the "abomination of desolation" begins. God's heart is turning to Israel once again. Will you allow your heart to become one with His? Will you also turn your heart to Israel in these Last Days? To do so is to put yourself in the center of God's perfect will. It is to "seek first the Kingdom." And the result will be that all that you need will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33). Shalom (Gen.12:1-3)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Time-line in 2012

Just a quick word about the time-line for 2012. As I have said for weeks, 2012 will be a year when the prophetic pages will begin to really turn quickly. Many things that have been written and prophesied will begin to come to pass. It will truly be a remarkable year. But I don't want anyone to think that at 12:01 AM on January 1st everything is going to explode. Actually I believe that we will be several months deep into 2012 before things really do begin to happen. However, once they do begin, they will happen very quickly, one after the other. Consequently, it is imperative that we are walking with the Spirit and are doing what He tells us to do. Between now and next year is the time to "get prepared." Don't worry about what "being prepared" my mean. The Lord will make it so clear that you couldn't miss it if you tried. He loves you and will not leave you in the dark. Also, as the Lord reveals things to me I will pass them along to you via this blog. So stay tuned. It truly is the most exciting time ever to be alive!

Today I would like to share a prophetic word with you that I read on another blog. It is on the money. The site is  blog.dougaddison.com. I will also post it on my facebook page. Shalom on Israel and the Church.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Mystery of Israel

As the nation of Israel missed the mystery of the Gospel, many in the Church are in danger of missing the mystery of Israel in the end-times. Simply said, God's end-time plans include the covenant nation and people of Israel. This is the clear teaching of the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 11. In Romans 11:25 the Word of God tells us "that blindness in PART has happened to Israel UNTIL the fulness of the Gentiles come in." In the time of the end, God will once again turn His attention to Israel. All the promises that He made to His chosen nation will be fulfilled. God's reputation is at stake, and He will do what He said He would do. Now, the question is this: what will it look like when God once again turns toward Israel? There are two things that will help us answer this question. First is the "controversy of Zion" as recorded in Isaiah 34:8. Secondly is "the time of Jacob's trouble" spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 30:7.

Let me start by defining these two biblical subjects. The "controversy of Zion" can be defined as the continuing natural and spiritual conflict over the city of Jerusalem; the past, present and future land of Israel; and the Jewish people whose ancient history and prophetic destiny are inseparably linked. "The time of Jacob's trouble" refers to the end of the age where the Jewish people will suffer intensely but also be gloriously restored. It is the time of "trouble" that will lay the controversy to rest  when God restores the Kingdom to Israel and at the same time judges the nations that came against her. Failure to understand and embrace this truth will be a grave error for those in the world and for those in the church. The Apostle Paul warned of this danger for the Church in Romans 11:20-21. We would do well to heed that warning.

So then, Israel's greatest glory as well as her greatest suffering is yet future. We can all rejoice in Israel's future glory, but what about her future suffering? Will the Church be there to share in her suffering when it comes? Unfortunately, in Nazi Germany the Church failed to be there when the Jews were in great need. But what about the next Holocaust, "the time of Jacobs's trouble," Israel's most intense time of suffering ever? That question is yet to be answered, but it will be. When the Antichrist rages against Israel at the time of the "Desolation of Abomination"  (Matthew 24:15ff) and she is shattered and scattered to the nations, will the Church be there for her? Will the church be there when anti-Semitism explodes exponentially on a worldwide scale? Will the Church be "Corrie ten Boom" and the "Hiding Place" that will love and take care of the Jewish people?

I feel that a big part of my calling is to awaken the Church to this truth. It is my conviction that as the Lord is turning His heart toward Israel in these last days so will those in the Church who are in tune with His heart do likewise. Is there a yes in your spirit to this word? Will you be a part of the Church that will love and care for Israel in the day of her suffering? My prayer is that as you become more prophetically awakened to the mystery of Israel in these last days, your love and burden for her will grow.

I'll close with these thoughts. With the so-called Arab uprising continuing in the Middle East, and with the most recent  events of Turkey and Egypt turning away from Israel, it begs the question of just how close we may be to "the time of Jacob's trouble." How close might we be to the time that the prophets saw when Israel would go through the worst suffering in her entire history? I believe it could be at the doors. All the more reason for the Church to be fully awake and ready to bless God's chosen people. At the same time, let us also keep in mind of how close we are to realizing the greatest days ever on this planet--the golden days of the reign of the Messiah when both restored Israel and the Church will rule and reign with the Lord for a thousand years!

Wake up Church, let us hear the voice of the Spirit and follow after what God is doing in these days of days. We are almost there!  Shalom on both Israel and the Last Days Church!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Next Move is Gods: Part 2

In preparation for the coming move of God, the Holy Spirit is at work transforming the Church into a vessel of honor that will be able to steward God's Kingdom power with humility and wisdom. Part of this transforming work, as we have stated in previous blogs, will be to discover the gifts that God has placed within you "for such a time as this." And once you know what those gifts are, the Spirit will work with you and in you to mature those gifts which are to be manifested for His glory and for the establishment of His Kingdom. Also, as part this process, the Holy Spirit will wisely and lovingly be
removing from your life anything that would hinder this "gift discovery and maturity." Allow me to use an example from what happened at the conclusion of our Wednesday night service to illustrate this truth.

During the service on Wednesday night, the Holy Spirit dropped a word in my heart about the need for His Church to be free from any generational curses that may be attached to our life. For example, I have an Indian background. This would mean that my life and family would be susceptible to the animistic religion of my ancestors, which would include falsehood and superstition. It doesn't mean that I or my family are involved in falsehood or superstition, but only that we are vulnerable to it. I do believe that demonic spirits follow generational curses to keep God's people from fulfilling their destinies. Hence the need to break all generational curses in the name of Jesus Christ. That is what we did at the conclusion of our service. And it was amazing the spiritual victory that came when the enemy was brought into the light, exposed and defeated by the Spirit's authority.

It was also during this ministry time that the Lord began to identify other curses that people were dealing with. One curse/spirit that was identified was a curse or spirit of abuse. This kind of spirit usually works through the words and actions of a family member in order to manipulate and control another person. Associated with this kind of spirit is fear and insecurity. The person is beat
down and is made to feel afraid, unworthy, and useless. And this is the enemy's goal in rendering them ineffective as a Christian. But as this curse/spirit was brought into the light, prayer was offered up and authority was taken over this curse/spirit in the name of Jesus Christ! And the room was filled with victory! Hear me friend, there is power in the name of Jesus Christ. Everyone who was present in that meeting knew that something powerful and significant had taken place. Something had been cleared out of the way so that the Lord could do what needs to be done. A believer cannot know and operate fully in the gifts of the Spirit as long as he or she is bound by some curse or spirit! 
As I close this word today, I want to help you apply this powerful truth to your life. Right now, I ask the Holy Spirit to begin revealing to you any generational curses that may be effecting your life. Think of your mother or father, grandmother or grandfather. Was there any curse, any besetting sin like drunkenness or adultery that plagued your family? Wait before the Lord for just a moment. Ask the
Holy Spirit to reveal to you any generational curse to which you may be vulnerable. Don't be afraid. Rather be honest, knowing that God desires to set you free and make you ready for what He has planned for your life. Once you have identified any curse, take authority over it and break its power over you in the name of Jesus Christ! I am praying for you even as I write these words. Once you have done this, stand in faith and expect God to reveal to you the gift or gifts that He has placed within you. God wants you free because He loves you and because He desires for you to fulfill your destiny upon
this earth. If you need further ministry or would like to communicate with me, please feel free to drop me an email at warriorofgod@bellsouth.net. I will keep any communication completely confidential. Please know that I am praying for you as you pursue His perfect and complete will for your life. Friend, the last four months of this year could be some of the most important months in your life. Submit to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to do in you everything that needs to be done. Please don't be afraid. As I have always said, the one Man that you can trust with your life is the One who has nail scares in His hands.

More will be coming in future blogs. Please continue to follow what God is saying to you. And be sure to test everything and hold fast to that which is good. Shalom on the people of God.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Next Move is Gods

In a recent post, I spoke of a prophetic word that the Lord gave me back in November of 2010. That word consisted of four parts: 1. Change has already happened in the heavens, 2. This change will be emphatically manifested on the earth, 3. The next move is Gods, 4. Divine connections will be made. Today I would like to focus on number three, "The next move is Gods." Specifically I want to concentrate on God moving in power with signs, wonders and miracles. I can see the day when football stadiums will be filled with people, not to see a ball game but to witness and experience the power of God. It is my conviction that only stadiums like Legion Field, Bryant Denny Stadium and Jordan Hare will be big enough to hold the crowds who have come not to see a man but have come to be in the tangible presence of God! We have seen what man can do. We are now at the door of seeing what God can do.

And as the scripture says, "nothing will be impossible with God." Allow yourself to look with me prophetically at the time when people will be talking about what God is doing. He is healing the sick; He is delivering the demonically possessed; He is causing blind eyes to be opened; He is raising the dead! Imagine football stadiums filled with hurting and sick people being set free by the power of God! What a day and time this will be. As the world grows darker and darker, the light of God shines brighter and brighter in and through the Church. What will be the impact and result of this coming move of God?

I believe this next and final move of God will produce two amazing results. First there will be the greatest harvest that the Church has ever seen. My conviction is that millions will be swept into the Kingdom of God. Secondly, I believe that this will help provoke many in Israel to turn their eyes to Messiah Jesus for the first time in 2000 years. This will truly be an unprecedented time in world history. It will be an awakening in the Church and also an awakening in Israel! And all of this going on as the world becomes more evil and even darker. The best of times and the worst of times. But a time that you and I were created for by the Creator.

So the question is this: What then should we do? First, we should be humble and obedient to the Lord. Make yourself available to Him. Ask Him, sincerely, to reveal His purposes and plans for your life. As I said in a recent post, over the next four months believe that God will show you the gifts that He has placed within you and then expect Him to help you mature in those gifts. This will help prepare
you for God's next move. A few months ago on a Sunday morning, while preaching, God spoke a prophetic word to me. That word was this: you are not what you need to be now, but you will be what you need to be then. I believe that "then" begins in earnest in 2012! Be encouraged. God wants you to be in the center of His will more than you want to be in the center of His will! Just trust and obey.

I will conclude today with these thoughts. May I suggest that you consider incorporating the following into your prayer time. Each day when I pray, I ask the Lord to prepare the Church to be a vessel of honor in these last days. Why? so that He will have a vessel that can steward His power with humility and wisdom. It will be through this kind of vessel that the great harvest will come in and through whom Israel will be provoked to seek their Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. Please hear me friends. It doesn't matter where you have been and how many mistakes you may have made. God has taken care of your past. What He is interested in is your future. Will you open your heart to Him? Will you allow Him to make you a vessel of honor in these last days? All He needs is your yes. Is there a yes in your spirit to the Voice of the Lord? If there is, you can still fulfill your destiny upon this earth. You can be a part of the greatest days ever. You can be a part of the fulfillment of prophecy. Shalom on the people of God.

Stay tuned for the follow-up word that will be posted in the next few days.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Israel and 2012

Have you ever asked yourself the question as to why the Jew is so hated? You will not find any natural explanation to that question. But the reason why is simple: the answer to the above question is spiritual. You have to go back to the Book of Genesis to begin to unlock this mystery. In Genesis 3:15 you have the first prophecy in the Word of God, and that prophecy has to do with the defeat of Satan through the Seed of woman. That "Seed," who would be the Messiah, would come through the woman who is Israel (See Revelation 12:1-5). Consequently, throughout history you have Satan working through other nations(actually empires) attempting to annihilate the woman, Israel. And the reason is obvious: his future depended on the destruction of the nation of Israel, thus preventing the Seed from being born. But he failed, and the Seed was born, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. His death and resurrection from the dead struck a major blow to Satan. And in His second return to the earth, He will finish the job, completely fulfilling Genesis 3:15.

So then, the question is this: why does Satan continue to try and wipe out the nation of Israel. Some would say it is a matter of pure hatred and revenge for the role she(Israel) played in bringing about his demise through the coming of the Messiah(the Seed of woman). There may be some truth in that, but I believe the answer has much more to do with his future rather than with his past! Allow me to explain, and again this whole scenario has to do with another prophecy. In Matthew 23:39 Jesus Christ(the Seed of woman) gave this amazing prophecy to the Jewish leadership: "For I say to you, you shall see Me no more UNTIL you say, 'blessed is He whom comes in the name of the Lord.'" Why would Satan care about that prophecy? Because if there is no Jewish leadership to say "blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord," then God is a liar. And if God is a liar, then Satan would not have to go to the pit! Therefore, Satan is bent on the destruction of Israel! This explains his working through Hitler in the holocaust where over six million Jews were killed. It is said that at the end of World War II, although Hitler knew that the war was lost, he actually became more obsessed with killing the Jews. Why? because Satan was working through him with his own diabolical agenda of destruction. And this brings us to the present day and particularly Israel and 2012.

Israel, about the size of New Jersey, is surrounded by dozens of Muslim countries bent on her destruction. And the leader of Iran has publicly said that "Israel must be destroyed." Why? because Satan is trying to save his own skin through destroying Israel so that Jesus cannot be welcomed back as "He who comes in the name of the Lord." As Satan(the seven-headed red dragon) worked through successive empires from the past, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greek, and Rome, to destroy Israel, so in the last days he will work through a final world empire headed by the Antichrist to try and destroy Israel. I believe personally that this final world empire and the Antichrist(the beast in the Book of the Revelation) will be Islamic/Muslim. See my previous post "Change in 2012," for more information on why I believe this.

I will conclude today by telling you that May 14, 1948 was a miracle when Israel became a nation again for the first time in 2000 years. Equally miraculous was the six day war in June of 1967 when Jerusalem came under Jewish control for the first time since 70AD. And we will witness the miraculous again, very soon, when the Jewish remnant will turn to Jesus Christ as their Messiah and welcome Him back to the city of Jerusalem as "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." More will be coming in future blogs concerning prophetic insights about the year 2012. But just know this today. Now is the time to love and support Israel both through prayer and with finances. Please consider reading and acting on the following scriptures: Genesis 12:1-3; Psalms 122:6; Isaiah 62:1. What happens in Israel in 2012 will be prophetically significant and you can be a part of it! Selah and Shalom on the people of God!

Monday, September 5, 2011

"CHANGE IN 2012"

Back in November of 2010 the Lord gave me a powerful prophetic word one night at around 10pm. I could actually "feel" this word from the Lord rather than just hear it. That word was "change." For the next four or five hours I was praying and asking the Lord what this change was. During this time of prayer I could feel this "change" trying to make it through the heavens. I knew that what was coming from the Lord the enemy would attempt to twist for his own diabolical purposes.  Therefore, intercession  would be required to see it fulfilled (God has chosen to work through the prayers of His people. See Genesis 18 and Revelation 8:1-4). This will mean that God's people will be involved in what God is doing in the world and in the church just as Abraham was involved in what God did in Sodom and Gomorrah and the church will do in the Book of Revelation as God releases His judgements during the Tribulation period.

As I said above, for about four or five hours, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about change. First, the Lord said that change had already happened in the heavens; secondly, this change would emphatically be manifested on the earth; third, that the next move would be Gods; and fourth, Divine connections would be made (You can read more about this word in detail on our church website at warriorassemblyofgod.com). It was interesting to me that this word came in November of 2010 and that the Islamic uprising began in the spring of 2011! I do believe that this "change" in the Middle East is a big part of the change that the Lord spoke to me about. It is my opinion that what is going on with the Islamic uprising is NOT a push toward democracy but is rather the first steps toward an Islamic Caliphate. An Islamic Caliphate is a unified Muslim/Islamic state consisting of many different countries united together theologically and politically, and by their hatred of Israel. Don't be deceived by the liberal media and by liberal politicians. This push in the Middle East is demonic and is inspired by Satan. However, also know that it is part of God's sovereign plan to bring all things to their fulfillment!

By this time next year, the Middle East could have experienced a nuclear explosion or a nuclear  exchange between the Islamic countries and Israel. This will precipitate an enormous pressure from world leaders for a peaceful solution. (Try and imagine oil and gas prices during this time!) This could, I believe, set the stage for the "peace treaty" between Israel and the Antichrist that is spoken of in the Word of God (See Daniel 9:24-27).  It will be a seven year peace treaty. And don't be surprised if the Antichrist is a radical muslim and that the last world empire is Islamic! Much of Islamic eschatology( study of the last things) seems to indicate that this is a very strong possibility. Perhaps I will get a bit more detailed and specific in future blogs. But for now, just know that that the Hadith( Islamic commentaries on the end times) speaks of the Mahdi entering into a seven year peace treaty with the Jews! The Islamic Mahdi (Messiah/12th Imam) would be the Antichrist! He would then of course break that seven year treaty at the midpoint thus fulfilling what the Bible calls "the abomination of desolation" (See Matthew 24:15;Revelation 13). The Qur'an (Koran) teaches that it is right to deceive your enemies in order to destroy them. This fits the description of the Antichrist and his plans to deceive and destroy Israel!

I will end with this today. Church we are very likely at the door of the greatest prophetic fulfillment in all of history. The stage is being set for the end of this age as we know it. That is why it is imperative that you know where we are in God's prophetic calendar. By knowing the truth, you can move forward in faith and hope. You will not be surprised and thrown into fear by the events that will begin unfolding next year. Our God is in control. Remember, prophecy is history written in advance. God's Word has already told us what is going to happen. Although the times ahead will be difficult, they will also be glorious for those who are walking with the Lord. Change is coming, but God is immovable. Keep the faith because the best is yet to come for those who love the Lord. I have much more to say, but that will come in my next blog.  God bless and shalom on the people of God.